Friday, December 13, 2013

Leave The Mt Soledad Cross Alone

I grew up in a line sight less than one mile from the Mt Soledad Cross in University City. It has been a landmark for me personally in five separate decades. More than forty years ago as a child I remember asking my older brother about it and was told that it was a memorial that had been built to honor men who died in war. That his friend's father helped build it as he lost friends in that war. I remember maybe incorrectly that this friends father came to class to  share this. I understood. The Cross had meaning for me. Now as an adult I fail to understand.

Now those that know me and my beliefs will not be surprised to hear while I believe in God I am not particularly religious. While I identify myself more as a Christian I ascribe that to geography more than dogmatic belief. I had no religious guidance in my family as my Father was agnostic. His moral compass was strong, his religious one not so much. I appreciate religion has no geography in essence but in practice does. Given my background had I grown up in Tel Aviv I would most likely identify myself as Jewish; In Varanasi  a Hindu; In Rome a Catholic; In Riyadh  a Muslim; In Tibet a Buddhist.

As the few try to disassemble this tribute to fallen soldiers against the wishes of the many. I would argue that this is not a religious symbol. If it were a Star of David,  a statue of Buddha or a Star and Crescent instead of a Cross I would make the same argument. Leave it alone.

For those that rally to remove the Cross I would ask you how different is it to the Taliban destroying the Buddha's of Bamiyan? How is it that we a society will criticize the destruction of symbols elsewhere yet demand the destruction of our own right here?

I don't get it. 

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