Monday, October 29, 2012

Be Careful what you post

Reading this article simply supports my opinion of internet and social media postings. There was an incident with local high school students that gained national publicity which also involved facebook posting.  I often drive my children and the neighbor to High School and Middle school. In the car this subject came up regarding the high school students and the postings on facebook that made this a short lived national sensation.

My advice was simple “If you don’t want your parents to read what you are saying on facebook don’t post it, they can see it. Also future employers might see it. It’s just not a good idea to post something you might regret, be careful.”

The article in this morning’s paper is another example of this same subject. While the reporter takes the side of the young woman whom was terminated I do not. Her wreck less and inflammatory language posted on a public site was simply a poor decision. The fact that she is an aspiring teacher further exasperates the poor decision on her part.

While I agree with her premise that teen pregnancy is not a good idea, I disagree on many levels of how she supported this opinion from the brief explanation from the article. I would also question the wisdom of having a person that cannot convey an argument intelligently teaching children. Furthermore I would hope that teachers are smart enough not to post inflammatory comments online for the whole world to see including their students.

While a harsh way to learn a lesson I do not think the reaction was unfair. Actions have consequences. While I do not wish her ill in the future and I do think that she should be given another chance but not at this school district. I support the school district and agree with their statement. I applaud them for making the difficult decision.

The question that Mathew posts at the end of the column directed at the outraged citizen I feel is way off the mark “The questions stand: Does Gutterud see herself as a role model? Do you?” This question appears to be an attempt to bully a concerned citizen that objects to behavior that many in society would deem to be unacceptable. I would hope that if Gutterud did not act someone else would.

I will in turn ask Mathew that do you deem someone that proudly and publicly proclaims  “I ------ all through high school and because i was ‘RESPONSIBLE’ I never got knocked up!!!”” on a thread called “I Hate Teen Moms” an excellent candidate to teach children? 

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